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The list below does not include all the songs that Nightingale Road has written. Songs marked with an asterisk (*), were written during songwriting retreats hosted by London Songwriters at The Barn in the Peak District.


The Witches' Songs

A witch wants to leave her coven, but they remind her of her oath.

Based on a person Martyn once met. Foolish man!

A song taken from a fantasy story. The husband returns to his world.

A guy walks through the forest, discovers some dancing naked witches, and is then chased by a demon.

A demon is summoned from Hell. This is part of his story. Taken from the poem 'The Dowager Baroness'.

A folk song based on the Legend of Mother Ludlum and her kettle which exists and can be seen at Frensham church to this day.


Other Rock and Sing-a-Long Songs

Martyn once knew a man who thought in this way.

A song about love, life, and family.

A song about growing old together.

A song about the swinging sixties, or were they really?

A song about the London street gangs of the 1960s.

Upbeat song written in co-operation with Emma Lauson

It's about a man needing the comfort of his wife after family trauma.


Pirate Shanty

A rousing pirate shanty. Great for singing along, stamping your feet, and banging the table.


Ballads and Other Songs

Original lyrics by Seun Odusanya. Additional lyrics by Gordon Ayshford. Music by Martyn.

Sad song, written after Martyn's divorce.

A song about a father letting go of his little princess, now grown up.

A man feels insecure about what the future holds.

A celebration of a loving wife and the birth of their first child.

A romantic tale of lost love.

A nice story of a young lady and the nursery children she taught.

A tragic story inspired by a newspaper article written some years ago.

Mia is upset because the singer must return home.

A bit of fun. Life in Godalming to the tune of 'What a Wonderful World'.

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