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Major Richard Wallington-Smythe 

The major stands 6ft tall, has short brown hair and is about forty years old. He is a man of integrity and sports a 'Petit Handlebar' moustache. 

Major Wallington is a distant family relative to Lord Granville, hence his connection. He is an experienced and capable officer and much prefers field work to being office bound. This is a bit awkward as the RAF Foreign Intelligence Arm (RAFFIA) does most of its work collating information from other intelligence sources at its head office. 

The major wears the uniform of an RAF officer. As an intelligence/logistics officer, he is ranked as a Major, but this is not the equivalent in rank to Squadron Leader. Wallington is not qualified to fly, so does not sport wings on his top left breast, but he does wear the sign of his rank upon his sleeves. 

He is proud of his accomplishments and does like to tell of his experiences, some of which are quite amusing, others quite harrowing. 

Wallington 01.png

Illustrations by

Richard Verlander

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