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Air Marshall Trenchard A. J. Fitz Simmons 

Air Marshall Lord Trenchard A. J. Fitz Simmons of the RAF is the supreme commander of British Mediterranean Command. Under the auspices of Pax Britannica, it is his duty to protect all international trade within the Mediterranean Sea, without prejudice. His remit also includes keeping an eye on the other Mediterranean powers in case the balance of power changes. 

Air Marshall Trenchard is a very tall, pompous, and arrogant senior officer. A confident man in his mid-sixties, he is proud of his full moustache. He has a reputation for getting things done. He is renowned for disliking bureaucracy and disrespecting his junior ranks, unless they are a member of, or related to, someone of his class of course.  

His air force blue uniform is bedecked with medals, so much so it looks like a patch of colourful plate of armour that protects his left breast. Some of the medals are even justified. As a younger officer he did earn them through acts of bravery – or rather, acts of obstinacy, luck, and lack of imagination. 

The Air Marshall was one of the original officers to join the RAF when it was first formed. He knew that his chances of advancement, and therefore wealth, were much lower in the established armed forces like the Royal Navy and the Royal Army. 

Trenchard 01.png

Illustrations by

Richard Verlander

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