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Commander Ahmet Ali Seliken 

A tall, well-built man of African descent. He had a troubled childhood having once been sold into slavery and had to work his way out of it. However, he is loyal to his leader, The Grand Sultan Abdul Hamid Osman Han. He is an experienced airship pilot and over the years has acquired a fearsome reputation. A lot of his notoriety is actually misplaced. He has often been accused of acts of piracy whereas, more often than not, he was under orders and protecting his country’s interests. However, he likes to encourage the impression that he is a pirate. 

That is not to say he hasn’t undertaken endeavours for his personal gain. As a result, he is quite wealthy in his own right. 

He is tall (over 6ft) and often wears a tricorn hat. He has a single gold earring and wears a cutlass (on his left). This is a mid-eastern cutlass (i.e., it is wider and broader at the tip, and more curved than Eulalia's). He likes to wear jewellery. There are rings on his fingers and a gold pocket watch in his waistcoat with a matching gold chain. 

Normally he stands with a hand on his black walking stick, the white handle of which is a monkey's skull. He usually smiles, but don’t let that fool you. He wears a long, black, leather coat. He is an impressive man. 

Selikan at 300dpi 22 x 14 cm sepia 2.jpg

Illustration by: Chris Gregg

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