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Michael Browning  

Michael has short, tidy, brown hair. He is of average height, and although he isn’t quite fat yet, you can see that he will be when he’s older. Exercise is too much effort for him unless he’s playing paintball. He enjoys his food and misses his pizza.  

He comes from a middle-class background and although his parents were always distant, they did provide well for him. This probably explains his lassitude.  

Michael is certainly no hero. If anything, he is a coward, a little lazy, and sexually repressed. But he is imaginative, intelligent, and sensitive. His experiences at school and with the opposite sex have left him with little confidence. Not that he had much to begin with. Despite his rise in this society, he is not that ambitious. He is not, what one would call, a strong character. Certainly not one to lead an invasion of our world.


He enjoyed making plastic models, playing wargames with little soldiers, and playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends at university. He also liked to read about science, engines and technological stuff all of which gave him a detailed knowledge of the weapons and tactics of the Napoleonic period and the First and Second World Wars. This is knowledge that, in the end, made him desirable to the authorities, but also made him a target for assassination. 

Michael is not religious. He is not explicitly an atheist; he just hasn’t given it much thought.  

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Illustrations by

Richard Verlander

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