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Lord Granville Eustace Harvey De Warren-Smythe 

Lord Granville is chairman of Granville Industries Ltd. He is father to Lady Edwina Fitzwarren-Wintershaw via his favourite mistress. He adores and trusts his daughter. 

Lord Granville is also the Minister for Armaments. As Granville Industries is a multi-national conglomerate that builds and supplies engines for His Majesty’s armed forces, you can see where his wealth comes from. 

Granville Industries pretty much holds a monopoly on steam engines, so it’s no wonder they did not develop the petrol engine. Indeed, any technology that challenged the status quo was actively suppressed in the name of profit. 

When Michael started working for Granville Industries (by royal ‘suggestion’) he spurred his lower managers into digging out those new-fangled and suppressed technologies and then guided them through development from what he remembered from his home world. Development was brisk because, frankly, the engineers had always known that steam had passed its peak. 

Lord Granville is around 70 years old. He is tall, slightly stooped, with grey hair. He sports a chevron style moustache with bushy sideburns. He wears a black three-piece suit with a dark grey waistcoat. He keeps two gold watches and his monocle in his waistcoat pocket. He is usually seen wearing his monocle. He also wears a tall, black top hat. He has a walking stick with a brass handle that is also a sword stick. When outside, he wears gloves. 

Lord Granville 300 DPI.JPG

Illustration by: Chris Gregg

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