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Major Arnold Fadden 

As an experienced and competent officer, he is attached to the Royal Guards and employed as a personal bodyguard to the rich and famous. His fashionable good looks, and willingness to supply ‘discreet, personal services’ to those ladies that are interested, are helpful too. However, he is fundamentally an honourable man and takes his profession seriously. 

It is said that he was once challenged to a duel over an affair he had with a lady. Apparently, her headstrong husband, a Lord, thought that under the circumstance's satisfaction was required. It was two pistols at dawn but the young Lord, shaking with indignation, cold, and fear fired his pistol prematurely and missed Major Fadden. Major Fadden then made a comment about the Lord’s ‘frequent prematurity’ being the root cause of the affair in the first place. Rather than take advantage of the young man’s inability to defend himself, Fadden gave him advice on how to prevent ‘frequent prematurity’ in the marital bed. The small audience was quite amused. 

Fadden then returned the pistol, still loaded, to his second. However, the young lord rushed up to the man, snatched the weapon before it had been made safe and fired it at Fadden’s back as he was leaving the scene. Again, he missed. 

Incensed at his master’s cowardly behaviour, the lord’s own second, recharged the lord’s pistol and shot him squarely in the forehead. He then apologised to all and departed, never to be seen again. Although the police searched for the murderer, no reward was offered for his apprehension and the manhunt was soon dropped. 

Major Fadden is a well-built and good-looking man with a fine dress sense. He wears dark glasses, a top hat, cravat, jacket with tails, and an ornate waistcoat with watch & chain. He often wears a belt with his cutlass and a sidearm. 

Major Arnold Fadden  at 300 dpi 22 x 12 .jpg

Illustration by: Chris Gregg

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