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Lady Edwina Fitzwarren-Wintershaw 

Lady Edwina is a supremely intelligent, highly qualified professional lawyer in her early forties. She aspires to become privileged and still has a relationship with her father - for she knows what he’s worth. She is a strong, confident, ambitious woman with a strong sex drive. She would often acquire ferals for her own amusement and then use them before trading them amongst her friends. This sort of thing is quite common amongst people of her class. 

But unlike Eulalia, Edwina is not a psychopath; she just feels entitled and is very much a child of her upbringing. She is a great believer in the Darwinian social structure, and if that means dispatching her rivals, then so be it. Being illegitimate, her mother, a mistress to Lord Granville, had to make provision for her education, and succeeded at that. 

She usually wears her black hair in a bun but lets it down when she is being informal. She loves to wear clothes that are edged in velvet, or sometimes fur. 

Edwina 01.png

Illustrations by

Richard Verlander

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