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Captain Richard Fidelius Titus Andeccles 

Captain Andeccles is in his early thirties and stands 5 ft 10 inches. He has an English moustache, and neat, short brown hair. It is unfortunate that he is good looking and a millionaire in his own right. As the eldest son of Air Marshall Trenchard, he has had a very privileged life and is quite spoilt and this has distorted the way he treats other people. It’s not that he holds women in low esteem (he sees young women as titillating objects at best) but that he holds everyone in low esteem.  The only person he respects is his father and the only thing he respects is his father’s superior military rank. 

He is not very bright and sees a future career in the House of Lords as a good excuse to party all day and get laid and paid for it. He cares not what being a member of the House of Lords is supposed to entail. Sadly, this is also true of most of the other Lords. 

The one thing he does have a knack for, apart from partying, is the ability to command an airship in battle. At that he is a natural and Eulalia learnt a lot from him. 

Andeccles 01.png

Illustrations by

Richard Verlander

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