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Trying to get a good illustrator is hard.

Trying to get a good illustrator is hard. Not as hard as a sympathetic publisher though. I think the phrase 'sympathetic publisher' is an oxymoron these days. Mind you, it must be difficult trying to make a living when Amazon publishes over 4 million books online. It's very much like the music industry - creative art has become a cheap commodity now. And, of course, it's those two pastimes I decided to settle on doing during my retirement. Oh well...

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Hi Chaps! As an experiment I have had the first Furricious Gang story recorded as an audio track. You can listen to it here: Let me know what you think.

Just to let you know, the Godalming Library has been given some copies of The Furricious Gang stories. So, if you want to read them for free and you're a member, you should be able to get the there.

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