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So, I shall probably be at Scratchers, the Three Lions, this Wednesday evening. I'm trying to decide which songs to do. Ones I can do solo. Gordon is living it up in France at the moment. I love the atmosphere at Scratchers. We have some good musicians and some... 'people who would love to be able to play with near perfection - but haven't quite been able to achieve that skill just yet' ...types there. But it's all taken in the best of spirit by fellow players and audience alike. So, I feel really comfortable there. If I cock-up it's a good laugh and nothing to worry about. Sadly, my voice seems to be going. It's getting hoarser and hoarser. No clear reason why. I hope it's temporary - not that it was anything to shout about before. I don't consider myself a singer. Still, we'll see what happens. Looking forward to seeing the regulars there again.

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