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From Book Four: Eulalia invades Blighty

“Feather all engines!”

Water splashed against the front window with a bang, causing most of the crew to wet themselves, I am sure. But it was a splash from a breaking wave at least six, maybe ten feet below us. The helmswoman had done a near perfect job. We were gliding in our pool of smoke just feet above the waves.

I went over to the girl and gave her a kiss on the cheek. It was the best acknowledgement of her skill I could manage. She burst into tears and started shaking so much Captain North had to take the helm from her. It was most un-piratelike and normally I would not have approved. But she had just earned the reputation of being the best aviator in the fleet and I did not have time to waste...

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Hi Chaps! As an experiment I have had the first Furricious Gang story recorded as an audio track. You can listen to it here: Let me know what you think.

Just to let you know, the Godalming Library has been given some copies of The Furricious Gang stories. So, if you want to read them for free and you're a member, you should be able to get the there.

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