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From Book 4: Lady Edwina Interrogates Michael

“The girl. Porter. The one they call the She-Demon. What is your relationship with her? Is she your spouse? Your mistress?”

“Uhm...” God! What do I say? “We’re not married.”

“Engaged then?”

“No. Nothing like that.”

“But you do share her bed.”

“Uhm... No. It’s not like that.”

She sat back and tapped at the table again. “Did she take you against your will? Answer me truthfully.”

Could this be a way out?

“Yes. Yes, I didn’t really want to go.”

“And yet she managed to entice you into these acts of high treason and piracy with just a grope of a nipple.”

I remembered the feel of it hardening in my hand and went all gooey. I couldn’t help smiling.

“Yeh.” I sighed.

“One supposes she had you under a spell. That is the only plausible explanation. She is a witch and shall be hunted down and despatched like the parasite she is. Even now there is an agent hunting her down, don’t you know.”

But I didn’t hear what she said. I had that feeling that comes with fond warm memories of fondling warm mammories.

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