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Martyn MacDonald Adams

Martyn lives in a small town in the UK called Godalming, named after a local Saxon lord. He is a lightly bearded, 1950s vintage, ex-software development manager.

He has authored short stories and is currently working on a series of Edwardian Sci-Fi novels. See Steaming Up.

His other main hobby is writing and performing songs as part of the local band known as Nightingale Road.

​When he gets philosophical, he likes to muse on the fact that we all live together on the crust of a ball of molten rock while it whizzes around a deadly nuclear fireball. Yet, despite this fact, few of us have fallen off. Sometimes, at night, he looks up into the sky and hopes that there’s nothing large out there that will bump into us. ​


Meanwhile, we are busy poisoning our home and squabbling amongst ourselves for reasons that he completely fails to understand.

Martyn Adams
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